1950s footage from a warship

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1950s footage from a warship

#1 Post by tjm5256 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:10 pm

Stumbled on to this vid discussing the living quarters on a warship. No fighting. Just a voice over and video of guys going about their day.

Mostly boxers with some briefs mixed throughout. https://youtu.be/NSc8EjhvUU0

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Re: 1950s footage from a warship

#2 Post by scisan60 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:54 pm

Historically informative and hot at the same time!

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Re: 1950s footage from a warship

#3 Post by dakota » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:07 pm

I spent 11 of my 20 Navy years aboard ships. What you saw was very real. While the berthing areas were remodeled from what that video shows, it wasn't a lot better. Bunks were about the same size as those mattresses, stacked three or four high, but the mattress was laying on the lid to a fixed locker space the same length and width dimensions, and about 6 inches tall. That was basically all the storage space a guy would have to store everything they owned.

The sinks in the head were the same style as in the video, and just as close together. (What they don't show is each handle has to be held "on." If you let go, the water turns off. Made it very hard to wash your hands without running a basin full of water.) Toilets had partitions between each one, but there was still very little privacy. Those guys knew the camera was there, and were more modest than usual - most days they'd be walking to the head to shower and shave wearing just their underwear, or naked, maybe with a towel wrapped around them, and just as often, carrying it in their hand. It was "just us guys" back then, so what's to hide?

The white boxers and briefs you saw were because that was what guys wore. Basic Training in those days issued only baggy white boxers, but after boot camp, guys could (and would) wear other styles. In later years, as colored underwear and skimpier styles became common, it was a whole gamut of underwear styles to be seen. Although a sailor's dress white uniform is basically see-through, so most guys wore white underwear of one style or another under them. The newer dress uniform styles have a privacy panel that makes it look like the guy is wearing boxers. He may or may not be. The privacy panel is pretty solid, so he could have on most anything, or nothing underneath.

Great video. Thanks for posting.

So many men. So many times. :cool:

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