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#1 Post by Cen0n » Tue May 01, 2018 9:38 pm

This is not a true revelations of someone seeing me in my underwear.

So here it it is...

I tried a laundry delivery service and had all my clothes in bags for them to pick up....and thought about taking out my underwear but decided to send them with the rest of my clothes.....the service is wash and fold. The person who did my laundry got to see some of my collection of thongs, briefs, boxer briefs and boxers (brands from ergowear, andrew christian, jockey, af, joe snyder, and bodyware) with different materials (cotton silk mesh lace). I was a bit nervous about doing it (if that makes sense) but figured they are just underwear. The only thought in my mind was wondering what the person folding them was thinking? I got them back today with all intact. To be honest i was wondering if any would get lost.

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Re: Laundry

#2 Post by Stu » Thu May 03, 2018 9:22 am

I think most of us here would be thinking about who gets to handle our gear when it gets washed.

I was in South America last year for a couple of weeks and realized that there wasn’t any self serve laundromat where we were staying. It’s all wash and fold. My partner and I dropped off a couple of loads and went back a few hours later. There were only two women working there, so they were the ones who had to wash and fold our several pairs of colorful, patterned briefs. Although it was just their job, it was a bit of a turn on.

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