In the tropics

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In the tropics

#1 Post by Undiehunter » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:48 am

Just returned from a tropical vacation with a few sightings:

1. Guy, 5 10, 20s, dark hair fair skin, average looks, slender build, walking through downtown with his gf wearing wet white board shorts with black trunks underneath. Might as well not have been wearing the shorts at all they were so see through.

2. Speaking of no shorts at all, guy at a remote off the radar camping beach wearing only bright green aeropostale boxer briefs. Hippie dude, with dreads in a bun in his 30s, average build and looks who ended up approaching our group to ask a question. He was like that for hours from the beach to the parking lot.

3. Handsome teen with a group of friends and one dad at a public beach. The teen was athletic, dark hair, fair skin, about 6 foot changing in the parking lot after swimming. He did the towel change, and once his undies were on he dropped his towel to reveal short trunks in a blue, gray, black pattern. He liked showing off, stepping well away from the vehicle for a couple minutes before pulling on a pair of shorts.

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Re: In the tropics

#2 Post by peppmba » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:31 am

Nice sightings, Undie. Thanks for posting and sharing them!
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